The Greek origins

Historical vine of Greek origins, it owes its name to the ancient nickname apianum "... vine loved by bees for its sweetness ..." which in the course of linguistic transformations became afianum and then fianum. Initially vinified in sweet and sparkling, and appreciated according to written testimonies by Frederick II of Swabia and by Charles of Anjou, in the modern era it was transformed into the finest dry and full-bodied wine that allowed it to obtain the denomination of origin controlled in 1978 and to devote itself to a controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin in 2003.

The production

Produced in the municipalities of Aiello del Sabato, Atripalda, Avellino, Candida, Capriglia Irpina, Cesinali, Contrada, Forino, Grottolella, Lapio, Manocalzati, Mercogliano, Montefalcione, Monteforte Irpino, Montefredane, Ospedaletto d'Alpinolo, Parolise, Pratola Serra, Salza Irpina , San Michele di Serino, S. Potito Ultra, S. Angelo a Scala, Santa Lucia di Serino, S.Stefano del Sole, Sorbo Serpico and Summonte.