Our philosophy:

respecting our territory in the cultivation process

0% of Glyphosate in our fields

What makes a wine great? The vineyard first

Our family’s philosophy has always been the same: What makes a wine great? The vineyard first. And this is why for generations, with wisdom and experience, we have worked to take care of and safeguard our vineyards by using healthy oenological practices and minimizing the use of chemicals in the cultivation of plants.

THE IPM (Integrated Pest Management) APPROACH

In accordance with our philosophy, we have decided to adopt the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach, which relies on natural resources instead of traditional pest control methods.

Contrary to conventional agriculture that uses chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, etc; we use for example, the grafting of insects or microorganisms that are natural predators of harmful animals but not dangerous for the crop.

We do use herbicides or pesticides only when they are strictly necessary; a good compromise between environmental, health and economic needs. However,  methods with a lower impact on the ecosystem are preferred. Fertilization, tillage, weed control and plant protection are the activities involved in the practice of IPM.

Download the document of Campania region
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Shredding: the cut grass not only nourishes the soil, but protects the roots from the heat of the high temperatures during summer.

Sheep, natural lawnmowers, who graze the grass and provide fertilizer to the soil, are against the use of herbicides. The sheep, in fact, not only keep the soil clean of weeds – they leave the vines intact – but they also fertilize it in a natural way, contributing to the well-being of the plants and, therefore, of the grapes.

The pruning and thinning of the bunches are among the green pruning operations of the vine. Sergio explains what the two practices consist of.


The grapes that we do not grow directly, i.e. only the Aglianico for the production of Taurasi docg which falls within a production area (Taurasi and neighboring countries) different from the one in which our vineyards are located, are purchased by us exclusively from winemakers we fully trust and whose working methods are rigorously certified.

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Book a visit to our vineyards