Our Cantina, our Home

Surrounded by the Fiano vine, our Cantina, which is home for us, is located on a hill, about 600 m above sea level, in the Taverna del Monaco area (Grottolella).

Since for us it is a home, rather than a workplace, we would like our guests to feel at home. This is why – in addition to the winemaking area – we have spaces dedicated to hospitality ; we like to explain to our guests the wine-making techniques that we use. A barrel room and a tasting room complete a space more specifically dedicated to the transformation of grapes into wine.


The presence of advanced systems, both for pressing and for the biochemical processes of transforming the grapes into wine and its refinement, together with the use of the most recent technologies make our winemaking area a cutting-edge space.

To complete this area there is a small laboratory for analyzing grapes, musts and wines; an indispensable place to carry out some fundamental analyzes of grapes and wines.


The barrel room is the area of the cellar intended for resting (mainly) red wines: it is here that we find large 50Hl barrels, barriques and tonneaus, all made of medium toasted French oak. It is a space subjected to controlled temperatures, in dim light and extremely silent. For aging in wood and refinement in the bottle, in fact, adequate rooms are essential, which have a temperature oscillating between 10°C and 12°C constant throughout the year.


A place where we meet and discuss, the tasting room is the right space to taste our wines paired with traditional culinary products. The majesty and beauty of a room made of chestnut wood, tuff and stones also makes the space suitable for holding events such as conferences, presentations or private parties.

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The Crypta Castagnara cantine are located:

For groups of 6 people and above, a deposit of 30% of the total tasting amount is required, payable via bank transfer or through the PayPal payment system. In the event that there is an impediment to visit on the specified day and time (with a 24-hour notice), the deposited amount will be converted into a voucher valid for a tasting on another date. In case of no prior notice, the deposit will not be refunded.
*Flexibility is exercised on the time limits for notice in cases of sudden and serious unforeseen events.

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